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Online Marketing & Advertising

Online Marketing & Advertising

With unlimited online advertising capabilities from social networks to pay-per-click to web videos to game apps and more, knowing where to begin can seem somewhat daunting and financially out-of-reach for businesses on a shoestring budget. However, the best online marketing strategy is one that is designed uniquely for your business and goals. And whether your budget is big or small, there are affordable, strategic tactics to help you take your message to your target customer demographic utilizing an online marketing strategy.

Why Take Your Marketing Message Online

Consider the statistics which continue to increase with great frequency – the following household names currently rank in the top 5 US sites:

  • Google – currently the #1 go-to search engine with billions of websites, images, and locations indexed and offers one of the absolute fastest search results available in 40 languages.
  • Facebook – boasts more than 350 million users worldwide with nearly 30% US-based users, is ranked as the #2 most popular website on the web, and on Christmas Day 2009 surpassed Google for the #1 as millions of users signed on to share greetings and connect with friends and family.
  • Youtube – holds the spot for most popular video web portal and is one popular method for sharing product/service videos with customers
  • Yahoo – still a top-spot contender for where people go to find products and services online.

These four sites alone offer tremendous opportunities for online marketing and advertising including: local search, branding, internet videos, pay-per-click, and mobile marketing. And increase the need for an online brand that is optimized for search engines.

Global Goes Local …

While the worldwide web literally opens doors globally for businesses big and small, the recent push in technology is harnessing this great power with geotagging making local search easier, more efficient and effective. What this means to a business serving only a local community is these are also powerful tools to reach your target audience – and regardless of budget size, these tools are available to you!

Good Ol’ Fashioned Referrals … the Beauty of Viral Marketing

From the beginning, customer referrals have offered tremendous credibility and new business marketing opportunities. The web takes referrals to a whole new plane as people are quick to share their love of a great new product or service discovery by passing along a website link to family and friends. Understanding and embracing viral marketing is a very cost-effective online marketing tool.

Online Brand Management … the Good and Bad of Viral Marketing

Just as customer referrals offer credibility for brand enhancement, the same can be said for brand destruction. Customers now have an open forum to voice their complaints and they are possibly even quicker to go online and diss your company in a negative light. Are people talking about your company? Do you know what they are saying? Social media provides an opportunity for businesses to track what customers are saying about them. Online brand management is important and we show you how.

Breeze Marketing Media Integrated Strategic Marketing & Advertising Plans include:

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