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Web Analysis – How Well is Your Website Working?

A web analysis provides a look at the key components of a website’s functions and features in determining the strength of it’s capabilities and deliverables.

Think of your website as your most valuable sales representative considering it works 24/7/365 without ever taking a break. As this valued sales agent, they can either be working hard for you – against you, maybe even for your competitor. Do you know how well your sales agent is working for you?

The rapid advancements in web technology and search engine marketing (SEM) have created almost limitless opportunities for websites to engage our customers and attract new ones. And with those advancements, it has become increasingly important to not only have an attractive website, but to have one that has a strategic marketing plan behind it. Critical performance factors for optimum web performance include site content (branding, SEO copy, and information) and site structure (navigation, linking, and load efficiencies). In an increasingly competitive online marketplace, it’s of utmost importance to know that you website delivers value vs. bouncing customers away who are frustrated by their experiences on your site.

A web analysis of your website will provide you with a professional, unbiased review of your site’s true capabilities, functionalities, efficiencies, and effectiveness including how the search engines see it, how a new customer sees it, and whether it is working for you – or against you, along with a list of any needed changes to optimize your site for maximum results.

A Breeze Marketing Website Analysis includes:

  • Site Content Review – what information content do you offer on your website?

  • Brand – how well is your brand message conveyed throughout your site?
  • Keyword Analysis – what are the best keywords for SEM best practices for your product, service, brand, and industry and how well are you using them throughout your website?
  • Site Content - does your website have SEO copywritten pages that clearly communicate your company, product, services, and what sets you apart from the competition?
  • Site Structure/Design Analysis – includes website navigation, link check, page rank, and backlinks.

  • Navigation – how quickly can users find the information they’re looking for on your site?
  • Link Check – over time, web pages can develop broken links which reflects poorly on your brand image as well as cause glitches with search engine results.
  • Page Rank Check – how well does your website rank with Google, the world’s largest, most often-used search engine? Where does your site rank with the other key players?
  • Navigation – how quickly can users find the information they’re looking for on your site?
  • Backlinks – inbound links or backlinks from quality sites position websites in a more favorable position with search engines; do you have any?

Contact Breeze Marketing Media today for a website analysis – there are several packages to choose from including:

  • Website Analysis Report
  • Website Analysis Report with Comparative Analysis of Competitor Site
  • Website Analysis Report and SEO Copywriting for 5 web pages
  • Website Analysis Report, SEO Copywriting for 5 web pages, search engine submissions
  • Custom Website Analysis Package
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