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Public Relations

SEO Public relations services are an important component of an integrated marketing program. They can enhance online brand visibility, reach targeted prospects, generate buzz, maximize SEO, and enhance organic search. Gain exposure and encourage new business with these public relations services:

Article Marketing:

Trade and consumer publications often publish guest columns or articles – and there are a great many reputable online publishers looking for articles about in-demand topics. Article marketing is an effective PR tool for brand and expertise visibility.

Industry Expert:

Are you an expert in your industry? Do you want to establish yourself as one? A press release targeting media producers and reporters with your bio and a list of your areas of expertise and speaking topics will build your personal brand while also positioning you as a “go to” industry authority.

Product Launch:

Generate buzz and get the word out about all new products; the product release is a first opportunity to present the product’s unique selling point, position it against the competition, and to get people talking about your company.

Professionally written press releases include keywords specific to your industry and specially to your business. Targeted distribution is also key to successful PR goals.

Breeze Marketing Media is committed to keyword strength copywriting and optimizing all content for SEM; contact us today to discuss your PR needs.

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