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Internet Videos

The Powerful Presence of Internet Videos

With more than 71 million unique users turning to Youtube.com for videos on the web each month, it’s no surprise the popular site ranks in the top 5 internet sites. The fact that Youtube officially launched in December 2005, that’s not only a highly impressive accomplishment, but a strong indicator of the value and dominance of web videos. Other video hosting sites are now dotting the horizon increasing avenues for video viewing.

Online users turn to video web hosting sites like Youtube for entertainment, education, and inspiration – and when they find something they like, they tell others!  The viral marketing aspect has been key to the success of internet videos – and it can be key to your online marketing success as well.

What Can Web Videos do for You

Businesses large and small use web videos to introduce products and services, illustrate “how to,” enhance brand image, offer virtual tours, and engage their customers. It can be a powerful online marketing tool, but it’s more than just producing a great video and placing on your website. It’s important to start with a well-thought out online marketing strategy that includes video concept and production, SEO, and placement. Breeze Marketing Media offers both full-production capabilities as well as strategic consulting for those who wish to produce their own internet videos; contact us today to learn more.

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